Vouches Report for glo

Total Vouches: 39
Vouch (+1): sold psn07-24-2019From Seller - ryyy
Vouch (+1): I went first and homie is 100% legit07-06-2019From Buyer - Fo
Vouch (+1): sold him a fortnite acct, easy deal07-02-2019From Seller - Sealed
Vouch (+1): bought his kik, i went first, glo very professional, don't hesitate to do business with him!07-01-2019From Buyer - Bait
Vouch (+1): smooth mm for this user06-30-2019From Middleman - Heart
Vouch (+1): Just copped this account smooth asf deal06-30-2019From Buyer - Ubersmench
Vouch (+1): Went first, legit.06-30-2019From Buyer - AustinMyers
Vouch (+1): sold nitro06-29-2019From Seller - Owl
Vouch (+1): bought wonder.06-29-2019From Seller - Miami
Vouch (+1): Traded me a psn, insanely smooth deal. 06-29-2019From Trader - Dyslexic