Vouches Report for empathy

Total Vouches: 124
Vouch (+1): refunded my orders within minutesTodayFrom Buyer - crypted
Vouch (+1): refunded my 2.7k purchase, highly recommend xx02-12-2020From Buyer - air
Vouch (+1): bought his meme page and went first $8002-10-2020From Buyer - zTEvLR765v8aGZz
Vouch (+1): Refunded for me02-09-2020From Buyer - Destiny
Vouch (+1): refunded smash bros quickly in like a min02-08-2020From Buyer - Kami
Vouch (+1): Bought my OGUsers AutoBumper, quick and easy deal. Thank you!02-07-2020From Seller - init
Vouch (+1): refunded me quick af 02-07-2020From Buyer - Powerful
Vouch (+1): refunded my gucci wallet02-05-2020From Buyer - cloud
Vouch (+1): very well done and professional. thanks mate02-04-2020From Buyer - shel
Vouch (+1): bought twitter12-25-2019From Buyer - dezerino