Vouches Report for bran

Total Vouches: 52
Vouch (+1): Bought $55 btc and went first 10-30-2019From Buyer - Z
Vouch (+1): Bought my ig10-20-2019From Buyer - Articuno
Vouch (+1): thanks for using my mm service10-20-2019From Middleman - night
Vouch (+1): services are exchanged if u catch my drift ;)10-19-2019From Buyer - killy
Vouch (+1): went first multiple times, extreme vouch10-19-2019From Buyer - rzre
Vouch (+1): Exchanged over 5000 for me legit as they come would highly recommend10-19-2019From Buyer - win
Vouch (+1): bought btc, went quick, sweet guy10-17-2019From Buyer - swishers
Vouch (+1): btc exchange10-17-2019From Buyer - Lu
Vouch (+1): Bought an Instagram swap to a freshie from me, quick and easy deal. Thank you!10-16-2019From Seller - Madara
Vouch (+1): MM’d for this user held up his end.10-16-2019From Middleman - cry