Vouches Report for jukki

Total Vouches: 16
Vouch (+1): omg what the fuck01-21-2020From Buyer - xo
Vouch (+1): MM’d for this user held up his end. 01-18-2020From Middleman - cry
Vouch (+1): User purchased a Catherby subscription.01-12-2020From Seller - Helios
Vouch (+1): big haxs01-07-2020From Buyer - _
Vouch (+1): legit, jukki sold me a spotify og, i went first, smooth deal and he's very helpful01-06-2020From Buyer - jawad
Vouch (+1): Got my request done for spotify username, smooth deal! :D01-06-2020From Buyer - Hate
Vouch (+1): Requested a spotify and got me in seconds , huge vouch.01-05-2020From Buyer - Anxiety
Vouch (+1): Easy smooth deal, vouch for this man01-01-2020From Buyer - syxnc
Vouch (+1): jacked a spotify for me, thx!12-18-2019From Buyer - Lennard
Vouch (+1): transaction went smoothly trading12-17-2019From Buyer - yay