Vouches Report for stuck

Total Vouches: 11
Vouch (+1): refunded me on amazon!11-08-2019From Buyer - cane
Vouch (+1): Quick and Easy Deal! Vouch!10-26-2019From Buyer - Matt69
Vouch (+1): bought mc acc from him 10-21-2019From Buyer - mb
Vouch (+1): bought btc09-04-2019From Buyer - Wrope
Vouch (+1): Very genuine dude, easy deal he went first. 08-26-2019From Buyer - Mack
Vouch (+1): sold him an account08-05-2019From Buyer - Avery
Vouch (+1): bought users fortnite acc. couldnt find his thread so just used that 1.08-05-2019From Buyer - forbid
Vouch (+1): MM'd for this user08-05-2019From Middleman - arc
Vouch (+1): really nice dude, sold me some skins08-05-2019From Buyer - thai
Vouch (+1): easy buyer08-04-2019From Seller - Leijah