Vouches Report for Danielx

Total Vouches: 26
Vouch (+1): Didn’t scam me08-16-2019From Buyer - hmu
Vouch (+1): Bought an IG via shoppy08-10-2019From Buyer - f
Vouch (+1): bought one of his instagram accounts08-09-2019From Buyer - pfp
Vouch (+1): user sold me nitro, had a problem and fixed it smoothly08-04-2019From Buyer - Neron
Vouch (+1): Bought my nitro08-04-2019From Seller - Erina
Vouch (+1): bought FN acc08-04-2019From Buyer - god
Vouch (+1): +rep fast & easy deal07-31-2019From Seller - blackhannes
Vouch (+1): Dude stuck with me the entire time and made sure I secured everything, would do again!07-15-2019From Buyer - Orbit
Vouch (+1): sold gfuel07-14-2019From Seller - moon
Vouch (+1): Copped a double helix, thanks again :100:07-14-2019From Buyer - Phillus