Vouches Report for WhiteTrashWilly

Total Vouches: 11
Vouch (+1): bought a semi off user, thanks again07-11-2019From Buyer - vidic
Vouch (+1): bought that07-07-2019From Buyer - Opposition
Vouch (+1): Vouch, middlemanned a $750 deal for him, went smoothly!07-03-2019From Middleman - Zyger
Vouch (+1): bought this acc cheers07-03-2019From Buyer - Yuu
Vouch (+1): bought my live / hotmail old regions 07-02-2019From Seller - AJ
Vouch (+1): dealt with user offsite easy to deal with 05-31-2019From Seller - Glove
Vouch (+1): Bought my psn grind I went first.05-13-2019From Buyer - robert
Vouch (+1): Sold user a nice 2 letter kik12-24-2018From Seller - Doctor Doom
Vouch (+1): bought my minecraft acc with no problem, thanks10-03-2018From Seller - lead
Vouch (+1): Vouch, sold this user an og in the past05-28-2018From Buyer - Memelord