Vouches Report for rxt

Total Vouches: 19
Vouch (+1): Made programs for him.11-11-2019From Seller - Bit
Vouch (+1): Done a few deals, trustworthy10-19-2019From Seller - JB
Vouch (+1): vouch for rotten done deals w him in the past10-19-2019From Buyer - ggg
Vouch (+1): vouch for rotten not a retard10-01-2019From Buyer - namrog
Vouch (+1): MM’d for this user held up his end.09-14-2019From Middleman - cry
Vouch (+1): Vouch this user sold me 4 unmigrated 2011’s08-23-2019From Buyer - HeyDrew
Vouch (+1): sold to him08-21-2019From Seller - guilt
Vouch (+1): He bought a nice Instagram08-17-2019From Seller - Panda
Vouch (+1): bought a semi off user, thanks again07-11-2019From Buyer - vd
Vouch (+1): bought that07-07-2019From Buyer - hrs