Vouches Report for Geebs

Total Vouches: 9
Vouch (+1): Sold him BTC12-30-2018From Seller - Aware
Vouch (+1): Thank you for the quick & smooth exchange09-03-2018From Buyer - Dissolve
Vouch (+1): MM’d for this user and they held up their end of the deal!08-22-2018From Middleman - Beam
Vouch (+1): User sold me Cash app I vouch 08-22-2018From Buyer - FGS
Vouch (+1): did a exchange btc for pp fast/smooth deal07-05-2018From Seller - access
Vouch (+1): Sold btc07-05-2018From Seller - Pyro
Vouch (+1): bought my fn account, went smooth. Don't hesitate.07-03-2018From Buyer - adam
Vouch (+1): bought my creds ty03-13-2018From Seller - peng
Vouch (+1): fast exchange 11-04-2017From Trader - mercytaken