Vouches Report for Bit

Total Vouches: 104
Vouch (+1): Very talented coder, recommend to anyone.11-11-2019From Buyer - rxt
Vouch (+1): bought 6k creds. smooth deal11-07-2019From Buyer - rohan
Vouch (+1): Bought this checker awhile ago and forgot to vouch ++10-29-2019From Buyer - Opiate
Vouch (+1): Sold him 2011 YT10-18-2019From Seller - Hot
Vouch (+1): Very trusted bought credits 10-11-2019From Buyer - Heroin
Vouch (+1): bought program10-06-2019From Buyer - Growlithe
Vouch (+1): Smooth deal for creds, ty10-06-2019From Buyer - soon
Vouch (+1): smooth exchange10-04-2019From Buyer - k
Vouch (+1): Made me a program :)09-26-2019From Buyer - Aqua
Vouch (+1): Did work for me quick and efficiently! :)09-24-2019From Buyer - Izanagi