Vouches Report for fuck

Total Vouches: 48
Vouch (+1): I bought a high value fortnite account from this dudee06-16-2020From Buyer - dagger
Vouch (+1): trusted man bought an acc from him and he proxied for me <306-14-2020From Buyer - v0idstarss
Vouch (+1): went first with him, nice af06-06-2020From Buyer - 2nite
Vouch (+1): Went first to me, smooth deal!!05-28-2020From Trader - MF DOOM
Vouch (+1): bought my fortnite account - really easy to deal with05-27-2020From Buyer - merry
Vouch (+1): thanks for using my mm service05-27-2020From Middleman - night
Vouch (+1): Went first and bought my og skull!05-21-2020From Buyer - Benched
Vouch (+1): sold me a fortnite acc05-20-2020From Buyer - forest
Vouch (+1): I went first; very homophobic.05-19-2020From Buyer - Die
Vouch (+1): sold acc easy deal05-17-2020From Seller - Azk is a fag
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