Vouches Report for chips

Total Vouches: 13
Vouch (+1): nice and fast transaction05-04-2021From Buyer - Logga
Vouch (+1): sold him steam group and went first05-01-2021From Seller - ccccccc
Vouch (+1): bought 20k credits, he went first cuz im big trusted ;)04-28-2021From Buyer - henkez
Vouch (+1): bought a cool group, i went first04-27-2021From Buyer - gecs
Vouch (+1): bought steam group from him, i went first04-24-2021From Buyer - Seftox
Vouch (+1): sold him a steam group, he went first, all gucci04-16-2021From Seller - jesse
Vouch (+1): exchanged for him pp>btc 04-14-2021From Trader - oxyy
Vouch (+1): He went first and was pretty friendly. Smooth deal!04-02-2021From Seller - Enzoca
Vouch (+1): Smooth deal ++03-21-2021From Seller - kuxay
Vouch (+1): Sold him a steam group quick and easy03-11-2021From Seller - deathrun