Vouches Report for 70s

Total Vouches: 20
Vouch (+1): went fast, sold steam id07-21-2018From Seller - bladee
Vouch (+1): i went first no problemo07-16-2018From Buyer - Stone
Vouch (+1): bought my id07-13-2018From Seller - akie
Vouch (+1): bro he dealt with the bullshit and i fw him 06-28-2018From Buyer - desert
Vouch (+1): Bought his GT, very professional 05-24-2018From Buyer - BangBros
Vouch (+1): Fast and cheap.05-12-2018From Buyer - rami123400
Vouch (+1): Sold this user a tag, vouch.05-11-2018From Seller - Joey
Vouch (+1): Went first to me for a GT.03-11-2018From Seller - oryx
Vouch (+1): deal went smooth bought a gt was fast and no sketchy shit03-10-2018From Buyer - eto
Vouch (+1): deal went smooth i went first, but i was a dumbass and changed the name right after03-07-2018From Buyer - Andy02