Vouches Report for army

Total Vouches: 16
Vouch (+1): exch 100, user went first05-02-2021From Buyer - tom
Vouch (+1): Bought multiple gt's off him and went first. chill guy.03-10-2021From Buyer - T9te
Vouch (+1): MM’d a deal for this user.03-09-2021From Middleman - Amp
Vouch (+1): Thanks for using my exchange service03-09-2021From Seller - HIV
Vouch (+1): Lightning fast exchange, user was responsive and quick! Thanks! 03-04-2021From Trader - Bat
Vouch (+1): Sold me the mc account “Cite”03-03-2021From Buyer - tubbyboom
Vouch (+1): middlemanned an account for him, smooth and easy03-03-2021From Middleman - Violet
Vouch (+1): sold me a tag02-16-2021From Buyer - Think
Vouch (+1): bought gamertag ^_^02-12-2021From Buyer - 10
Vouch (+1): sold a twitch account when i got done work, everything went quick and easy tyvm02-12-2021From Seller - Life