Vouches Report for primi

Total Vouches: 29
Vouch (+1): vouch for primi great man05-16-2019From Buyer - p33p
Vouch (+1): did an exchange before. nice user. <3 dont hesitate to use quick ez legit05-14-2019From Seller - memefulous
Vouch (+1): before reset05-14-2019From Buyer - WRX
Vouch (+1): Sold twitch 05-14-2019From Buyer - Back
Vouch (+1): Exchanged btc 05-14-2019From Buyer - Giyu
Vouch (+1): dealt with primi before site backup.05-14-2019From Buyer - Ower
Vouch (+1): Have definitely done cred deals 05-14-2019From Buyer - Jye
Vouch (+1): ty for fansign 05-14-2019From Buyer - Bayo
Vouch (+1): +rep all good05-13-2019From Seller - nevermind
Vouch (+1): credit deal in the past05-13-2019From Buyer - Leon