Vouches Report for Cess

Total Vouches: 48
Vouch (+1): Went first to user went first honestly quick test deal I’ve ever done YesterdayFrom Buyer - Toddlers
Vouch (+1): Bought my item, smooth deal01-19-2019From Seller - CULT
Vouch (+1): Sold me my final kik 01-18-2019From Buyer - hurley
Vouch (+1): Bought kik quick smooth deal! Legit seller01-18-2019From Buyer - Scope
Vouch (+1): MM'd a deal for this user.01-18-2019From Middleman - Amp
Vouch (+1): Fast exchange, appreciate it brother.01-18-2019From Trader - Divine
Vouch (+1): Purchased from me, Easy to deal with01-18-2019From Seller - statue
Vouch (+1): requested gfx services, was really patient and chill. don't hesitate to deal with01-17-2019From Seller - park
Vouch (+1): Went smoothly 01-15-2019From Trader - EmmyLynn
Vouch (+1): Sold the man some pizza hut01-13-2019From Seller - dik