Vouches Report for hate

Total Vouches: 154
Vouch (+1): Bought BO3 Modded Recovery from me, Legit!YesterdayFrom Seller - Dox
Vouch (+1): sold him an avi11-11-2019From Seller - Frenzy1
Vouch (+1): mm'd psn deal for him11-11-2019From Middleman - Feared
Vouch (+1): Smooth deal 11-11-2019From Buyer - Remorse
Vouch (+1): i sold user a semi og psn he went first to me with no mm clean deal.11-10-2019From Seller - n
Vouch (+1): just bought a fa bk hate is legit08-18-2019From Buyer - jmangotgame
Vouch (+1): thanks for using my food service 08-07-2019From Buyer - ghg
Vouch (+1): refunded for this user07-02-2019From Seller - 99
Vouch (+1): Legit :) sold me a psn thanks06-20-2019From Buyer - Nigga
Vouch (+1): Sold me a psn 06-01-2019From Buyer - glo