Vouches Report for Cooligan

Total Vouches: 40
Vouch (+1): traded items07-21-2019From Buyer - dbt
Vouch (+1): cashapp to btc exchange07-14-2019From Trader - r
Vouch (+1): Mmd for user07-09-2019From Middleman - Saint
Vouch (+1): cool guy quick and easy :D07-09-2019From Trader - damon
Vouch (+1): bought btc off him, great guy haha07-05-2019From Buyer - Miracle
Vouch (+1): Trusted User will deal with again07-03-2019From Buyer - aaron
Vouch (+1): quick and safe !07-01-2019From Buyer - dontcry
Vouch (+1): sold him some pp06-04-2019From Seller - Sapphire
Vouch (+1): Is an actual drug addict :) HQ user05-18-2019From Buyer - nero
Vouch (+1): Dealt with you literally countless times but my account got deleted rep and vouch appreciated05-14-2019From Buyer - XGN