Vouches Report for riths

Total Vouches: 7
Vouch (+1): Trusted seller11-10-2019From Buyer - Gasshu
Vouch (+1): Awesome dealer. Quick, nice guy and overall awesome experience. Never felt rushed. Cheers bro!11-10-2019From Buyer - Bludd125493
Vouch (+1): best gifs on site, cheapest prices.11-10-2019From Buyer - drk
Vouch (+1): bought 2 of his GIF twitters, deal went smooth11-09-2019From Buyer - Xynf
Vouch (+1): went first and had no problems11-09-2019From Buyer - Goofy
Vouch (+1): Bought all his 4Ls I went first 09-24-2019From Buyer - 27KC
Vouch (+1): Bought a tag off him , deal went smooth09-15-2018From Buyer - Slack